Saturday, April 4, 2009

There was a paper craft challenge posted in the Cafemom Group, paper craft junkies that I found interesting. So, when my friend came over for dinner last night I surprised her with a little project. Let me tell you, I wish I would've taken pictures through the process. They looked pretty hopeless to ever become more than tangled strips of paper. But, after a glass or two of wine, we were able to get 'er done! So here is the final project: cute little Easter baskets. And if you are wanting to try out this tutorial yourself, here is the link.

A few suggestions:
1. We put a cup in the middle to hold everything in place and keep the bottom round and even.
2. Do this project with a friend. The encouragement is helpful and we kept each other motivated to not give up.
3. Wine is not necessary, but helpful.

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Toothy said...

These are adorable, I so don't have the patience for something like this though.

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